6 Steps to Install Refrigerant Line Set

DIY make you easy

It looks like complex about install mini split air conditioner line set under air conditioner technician service.

why not try to install our mini split air conditioner by ourselves.

Here are some tips to tell you how to do as video instruction step by step.

Firstly Prepare necessary Equipment and Tools

  • Vacuum pump
  • Manifold set
  • Nitrogen gas
  • HVAC Tools like flaring and cutter

vacum pump


Are you ready? let’s go 


  • Using dry nitrogen pressurizes the line set and air handler to 100-200 PSIG.
  • Using a soap bubble solution spray down all of the flare joints and watch for bubbles to copper if bubbles are present
  • Tighten the flaring union not or if necessary reflect the copper
  • Use a vacuum pump engages to remove all air and moisture to releasing refrigerant into the air conditioner lines
  • After the vacuum is complete close the manifold gauge value
  • Using an adjustable wrench to remove service valve caps and use an Allen wrench or hex key to fully open both service valves releasing refrigerant into the system the condenser requires

Why not use Pre-charged Line sets?

That seems like complex and should bring professional tools and know some basic knowledge about air conditioner

So why not consider pre-charged line set without any vacuum pumps

by ms cheng

I agree with you totally and firstly let me see how the mini split line set work when starting your installation



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