1/4″x1/2″ AC Line Set for Mini Split

Top1 Chinese manufacturer of mini-split line set for ductless split air conditioner, suitable for any brands in the market like Samsung, Darkin, Trane, etc.

  • The Helium Leak Tests 100% leak proof
  • Strong UV protective insulation sleeve
  • Forged flaring nuts

Strict raw material quality control from incoming quality control to out-going quality control, many installers like our mini split AC line set.

Additional information


1/4-3/8, 1/4-1/2, 1/4-5/8, 3/8-5/8, 3/8-3/4

Gas Type

R22, R32, R410 or other


3m, 5m, 7m, 10m, 15m or customized


Fire retardant

Bursting Pressure



Split Air conditioner for every brand

Products Details

AC Line Set for a mini-split air conditioner with flaring nuts and ductless cap.

Length:3m, 5m, 7m,10m,15m are available.


  • Model: HVAC line set
  • Material: Copper C1200 and Aluminum 1070 alloy
  • Letset Insulation: High melting point low-density polyethylene
  • Heat resistance: heat resistant 120-celsius degree
  • Shrinking protection: PE fire retardant


  • Refrigerant lines
  • Butt-welding copper aluminum processing
  • Patent No:10-1057068
  • fusion length: more than 5mm
  • peel off ratio: good without any crack
  • Airtightness test: no any leaking in the pressure more than 2.5Mpa in 10 seconds

Refrigerant lines Suited

  • R134 regular
  • R410
  • R32
  • other

Size Table

Size Copper pipe Insulation size length available
1/4+3/8 6.35×0.8+9.52×0.8mm Φ8+Φ12mm 3m,5m,7m,10m,15m
1/4+1/2 6.35×0.8+12.7×0.8mm Φ8+Φ14mm 3m,5m,7m,10m,15m
1/4+5/8 6.35×0.8+15.88×1.0mm Φ8+Φ18mm 3m,5m,7m,10m,15m
3/8+5/8 9.52×0.8+15.88×1.0mm Φ12+Φ18mm 3m,5m,7m,10m,15m
3/8+3/4 9.52×0.8+19×1.0mm Φ12+Φ22mm 3m,5m,7m,10m,15m
1/2+3/4 12.7×0.8+19×1.0mm Φ14+Φ22mm 3m,5m,7m,10m,15m


  • AC line insulation: High melting point low-density polyethylene (heat resistant 120 ° C)
  • Bursting pressure test:>4.0Mpa
  • 7 years more product service life
  • 100% replacement when leakage happen

What is different from the precharged ac lines?

generally speaking, a pre-charged line set is used for DIY mini split installation. 6 steps for split ac installation.

  1. Using dry nitrogen pressurizes the line set and air handler to 100-200 PSIG.
  2. Using a soap bubble solution spray down all of the flare joints and watch for bubbles to copper  if bubbles are present
  3. Tighten the flaring union not or if necessary reflect the copper
  4. the technician will use a vacuum pump engages to remove all air and moisture to releasing refrigerant into the air conditioner lines
  5. after the vacuum is complete close the manifold gauge value
  6. Using an adjustable wrench to remove service valve caps and use an Allen wrench or hex key to fully open both service valves releasing refrigerant into the system the condenser requires

If you are boring to read the above text introduction, please see the video about Mini split ac installation and help you understand well.

PS: Precharged Line Sets, Is it really actually DIY?

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