1/4″x3/8″ Mini Split Line Set

Copper aluminum butt welding technology would save 60% material cost compares to the copper line set. Just 20% of people start using aluminum line set, because of leakage problems. we got patent reward butt-welding technology in China and Korea and get Samsung approval and apply for mini split installation.

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1/4-3/8, 1/4-1/2, 1/4-5/8, 3/8-5/8, 3/8-3/4

Gas Type

R22, R32, R410 or other


Fire retardant

Bursting Pressure



Split Air conditioner for every brand

Products Details

We are a manufacturer of the HVAC line set and mini split line set for a mini-split installation.


  • Dual AC line insulation
  • ( 6.35+9.52)*3m
  • ( 6.35+12.7)*5m
  • ( 6.35+15.88)*7m
  • ( 9.52+15.88)*10m
  • ( 9.52+19.05)*10m
  • ( 12.7+15.88)*15m

Accessories attaching together and Length is available for optional. Accessories including clay, decorative tape, nails, electrical insulation tape, wall cap, and buckles.


  • Model: AC line set.
  • Butt-welding copper pipe and aluminum pipe by electricity.
  • Patent No:10-1057068
  • fusion length: larger than 5mm
  • peel off strength: good
  • Airtightness test: no any leaking in the pressure more than 3.0 Mpa in 10 seconds
  • Mini-split insulation: High melting point low-density polyethylene (heat resistant 120 ° C) JIS JCDA 0009 ul94 HBF

butt welding

How to judge the CU-AL  butt welding line set is qualified?

  • Anti-Peeling Ability (Pw=P/B)
  • Pressure Resistance
  • Bursting Pressure Mechanical Property
  • Alloy Grade
  • Air-tightness Performance

    1. Raw material:1060 aluminum pipe

1060 alloy grade is 99.6% above aluminum elements. soft and flexible.

     2. Mechanical properties of air conditioner pipe

  • Aluminum Pipe Tensile strength: > 70Mpa
  • Aluminum Pipe Elongation:> 30%

     3. Pressure Resistance requirement 

  • Aluminum tube testing Pressure 4.9Mpa, no any deformed and expand happen
  • Aluminum tube bursting Pressure 13.0Mpa

     4.Air-tightness Performance

Filling with Ni gas (2.0 MPA), keep the pressure for at least 16 hours, to see the pressure gauge with decreasing or not. No leakage is accepted


 5. Anit-Peeling Ability (Pw=P/B)

  • Cu-Al Infusion Material: Al4Cu9
  • P=N/M, B=Width (mm)
  • Pn=Anti-peeling qualifying
  • T=Aluminum tube wall thickness
  •  M=Aluminum tube tensile strength
  • T1=Aluminum wall thick after break pull


Refrigerant lines Suited

  • R22
  • R410
  • R32
  • R132


  • AC linset insulation:(heat resistant 120 ° C) JIS JCDA 0009 ul94 HBF
  • Bursting pressure test:>4.0Mpa
  • 7 years more product service life
  • 100% replacement when leakage happen

Factory Workshop

Welcome to visit our online workshop and get around our entire working flow. We follow 7 system production management to produce higher quality air conditioner installation kit.

  • IQC(Incoming quality control)
  • IPQC( In-process quality control)
  • FQC(Final quality control)
  • OQC(Out-going quality control)

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