Aluminum Coil Tubing Fuel Line 3/8″

Aluminum tubing size from 1/4 to 7/8 is available in-store,  make sure aluminum tube stock in a dry environment, aluminum alloy 1060 or 1070 as the active element, it is easy to occur chemical action with moisture in the air. So how to weld aluminum is a real idea.

Additional information

Alloy grade

1060, 1070, 3003


15ft, 25ft, 30ft, 50ft


Refrigerant fuel line

Refrigerant Suit

R22, R32, R410 or other

Tensile strength




Products Details

We are a manufacturer of Aluminum Coil Tubing Fuel Line 1/4,3/8,1/2,5/8 and 3/4

Widely used in the automotive and air conditioning industry as important HVAC parts.


  • Material alloy grade:1050.1060,1070
  • Temper: O and H14
  • Thin wall aluminum tubing
  • length: 10ft,20ft,25ft,20ft,50ft etc
  • max working pressure:4.0Mpa

Technical parameter:

  • Processing:Hot extruded
  • Pipe Tensible strength: 68-80Mpa
  • Tube Elongation: 30-40%
  • Bursting pressure > 1800 PSI
  • Bending at 1800 by 25mm bending radius: no visible crack.
  • Surface quality: smooth, no crack

 leakge test

  1. Filling with Ni gas (1.00Mpa), keep the pressure for at least 30 minutes,
  2. Checking the pressure gauge with decreasing or not. No leakage is accepted.
  3. Keep pressure in store about 24 hours before delivery
  4. Bending testing:
    Bending at 180
    0 by a 25mm bending radius, there is no visible crack.
  5. Flattening testing:
    Pressing tube to be flat (inner wall distance same as wall thickness), no visible crack to be found.
  6. Cleaning test:
    Clean the inner wall surface, without any pollution found, total impurity content remained 5~60mg/ m2

Chemical Composition:

Various alloy grade aluminum tubing for sale

1050 Aluminium Chemical Composition
Al Si Cu Mg Zn Mn Ti V Fe Others
99.5~100 0~0.25 0~0.05 0~0.05 0~0.05 0~0.05 0~0.03 0~0.05 0~0.40 0~0.03
1060 Aluminium Chemical Composition
Al Si Cu Mg Zn Mn Ti V Fe Others
99.6-100 0~0.25 0~0.05 0~0.03 0~0.05 0~0.03 0~0.03 / 0~0.35
1070 Aluminium Chemical Composition
Al Si Cu Mg Zn Mn Ti V Fe Others
99.7~100 0~0.2 0~0.04 0~0.03 0~0.04 0~0.03 0~0.03 0~0.05 0~0.25

Processing technology

  • 1070 alloy aluminum tube is called a hot extruded aluminum tube.
  •  Raw material 1070 aluminum wire rod size 9.5mm, feeding in the hot extruded machinery.
  • Extrusion model and temperature higher 570 °C  aluminum half nearly melting
  • Aluminum tubing comes through a cold pure water tank to lower surface temperature.


  • Refrigerant tube in the HVAC industry
  • Air conditioner pipe for mini split line set
  • Automotive repair as fuel lines
  • Evaporator and condenser pipes
  • Gas stove connecting pipes


As one of the top aluminum tube suppliers, we have strict production management and quality control

  • NO leakage before delivery
  • Rohs certification environmentally
  • 5 years of quality promise as HVAC parts.


PS: what is the difference between 1070 aluminum tubing  and 3003 aluminum tubing


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