Black rubber Air conditioner Line Set

Black rubber Air conditioner Line Set is suited for 1ton 2ton 3ton 4ton mini split air conditioner.

Good Thermal Conductivity, non-toxic, and all material Rohs friendly environmentally.

Additional information


1/4-3/8, 1/4-1/2, 1/4-5/8, 3/8-5/8, 3/8-3/4

Gas Type

R22, R32, R410 or other


3m, 5m, 7m, 10m, 15m or customized



Bursting Pressure



Split Air conditioner for every brand

Products Details

We are a manufacturer of air conditioner line set for a  mini-split system for over 10 years

AC line set used for ductless mini-split air conditioner installation and repair replacement.

Material Specification

  1. copper tubing seamless C12200
  2. Insulation: black rubber
  3. Flaring nuts: forged strength nuts
  4. plastic sealing cape every end

Size for option

  • 1/4-3/8 insulated copper pipe
  • 1/4-1/2 ac line set
  • 1/4-5/8 copper line set
  • 3/8-5/8 Refrigerant  line set
  • 1/2-3/4 ac installation kit
  • 3/8-3/4 insulated line set

Rubber pipe insulation

  • Material: NBR and PVC 
  • Temperature limits (°C): -40 °C to +120 °
  • Density Range: 40kg/m3 -70kg/m3 apply standard:ASTM D1667
  • Thermal Conductivity ( 40˚C): 0.038 W/mK with the standard: ASTM C518


rubber insulated pair copper

  1. Ruber insulation pipe OD: 22.35mm – 35mm
  2. copper pipe OD: 6.35mm – 22mm
  3. insulation wall thick:8mm 1omm 12mm
  4. copper tubing wall thick:0.5-1.5mm
  5. copper tubing wall thick:0.5-1.5mm
  6. copper grade: C1100, T2, ETP, C12200
  7. Flaring end is smooth and plastic ductless end
  8. Dual insulated black rubber
  9. Rohs testing friendly for environmentally

Size Table :

Size Copper pipe Insulation size Insulation Thick
1/4+3/8 6.35×0.8+9.52×0.8mm Φ8+Φ12mm 8mm+8mm
1/4+1/2 6.35×0.8+12.7×0.8mm Φ8+Φ14mm 8mm+8mm
1/4+5/8 6.35×0.8+15.88×1.0mm Φ8+Φ18mm 8mm+8mm
3/8+5/8 9.52×0.8+15.88×1.0mm Φ12+Φ18mm 8mm+8mm
3/8+3/4 9.52×0.8+19×1.0mm Φ12+Φ22mm 8mm+8mm
1/2+3/4 12.7×0.8+19×1.0mm Φ14+Φ22mm 8mm+8mm

  • smooth and good flaring
  • neat and completely
  • forged flaring nuts
  • ductless cap to avoid moisture
  • Easy for installation
  • long strengthen and sustainable

More accessories for option

  • matching length cables
  • wall sleeve cylinder
  • decorative wall cap
  • wall filler putty
  • non-adhesive decorative wrapping tape
  • flexible condensate drain hose


  • 100% free replace if leakage happens in one year excepting manual accident 
  • 3 times compensate for products themselves when the defect happens.
  • Offer installation service guides.
  • 10 Years limited warranty technical support.
PS: what is different from the pre-charged mini split line set?



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