Insulated copper pipe ac installation kit

As manufacturer of insulated copper line set, which as important accessories of min split ac installation and connecting the outdoor unit and indoor unit.

The characteristic of perfect heat conductivity, corrosion and sunburn protection

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1/4-3/8, 1/4-1/2, 1/4-5/8, 3/8-5/8, 3/8-3/4

Gas Type

R22, R32, R410 or other


3m, 5m, 7m, 10m, 15m or customized


Fire retardant

Bursting Pressure



Split Air conditioner for every brand

Products Details

We are a manufacturer of air conditioner line set for a  mini-split system.

insulated copper pipe ac line set is made of copper pipe plus 3 layers PE insulation cotton.

Material Specification

  1. copper tubing seamless C12200
  2. Insulation:3 layer insulation line set
  3. Flaring nuts: forged strength nuts
  4. Accessories 6 types

Insulation pipe:

Three-layer insulated line set, better than other tow-layer insulated line sets

It has perfect heat conductivity, corrosion, and sunburn protection.

Fireproofing and flame were retarded.

insulated copper

Features :

  • Thickened copper nuts 59-1 brass alloy grade
  • Accurate flaring end without any crack and burrs
  • Completely connecting copper pipe
  • Thickened insulation cotton

A set of ac installation kit including:

  • wall sleeve cylinder*1
  • decorative wall cap*1
  • wall filler putty*1
  • non-adhesive decorative wrapping tape*1
  • flexible condensate drain hose*1
  • matching interconnecting cable(18Ft., 16/4)*1.


Size table

Size Copper pipe Insulation size length available
1/4+3/8 6.35×0.8+9.52×0.8mm Φ8+Φ12mm 3m,5m,7m,10m,15m
1/4+1/2 6.35×0.8+12.7×0.8mm Φ8+Φ14mm 3m,5m,7m,10m,15m
1/4+5/8 6.35×0.8+15.88×1.0mm Φ8+Φ18mm 3m,5m,7m,10m,15m
3/8+5/8 9.52×0.8+15.88×1.0mm Φ12+Φ18mm 3m,5m,7m,10m,15m
3/8+3/4 9.52×0.8+19×1.0mm Φ12+Φ22mm 3m,5m,7m,10m,15m
1/2+3/4 12.7×0.8+19×1.0mm Φ14+Φ22mm 3m,5m,7m,10m,15m

1/4″ x 1/2″ all copper line set, commonly used for 12000 BTU and 18000 BTU mini split air conditioners.

1/4″x3/8″ ac line set, used for 9000BTU and 12000 BTU split air conditioner

1/4″x5/8″ insulated copper line set used for 24000 BTU air conditioner system

3/8″x5/8″ mini-split line set apply for 30000 BTU ductless air conditioner.

3/8″x3/4″ line set kit used for 36000 BTU split air conditioner installation

Pre-flared for easy and simple connection on most mini split air conditioners and brands.


  • 5 years above ac line set use life
  • Rohs testing every material consistency
  • Easy Installation and potable
PS: What is different from a precharged line set?

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