Line set covers for split line set

Do it yourself about decorative pipe covers, it is easy to install step by step and make your mini split air conditioner clean and elegant.

PVC line set cover is different from metal line set cover, it is light, portable and easy for install ductless mini-split line set .

Additional information


AC line set covers





Operating Temperature

-4 F to 140 F

Parts Warranty

5 years

Products Details

We are a manufacturer of line set covers for mini-split line sets, our 4 factories located in Jiangsu and Zhejiang which belong to the Yangtze River delta and important economic belt in China.


  • Material: 100% PVC decorative pipe covers
  • High & strong strength
  • Flame Retardant
  • Anti-aging and Anti-ultraviolet Environmentally
  • Multi-function like quake proof, Reduce the noise, Anti-corrosion.

decorative pipe

Main function:

  • Mini-split line set cover
  • Long-lasting protect HVAC line sets for over 10 years
  • Prevent refrigerant medium leakage
  • Ensure the house clean and elegant
  • Support flush-mounted and eliminating insects that could form in the gap.

Line set covers components :

  • Wall entry cap
  • coupling
  • 90 flat elbow
  • Straight duct pipe
  • Reducer gap
  • flexible hose

decorative duct pipe

Above is a line set cover kit used for a mini-split air conditioner line set.

Easy Install and follow steps

 1  step prepare

  • Measuring in advance
  • Calculate the quantities
  • purchase materials

2 step: installation of AC line set cover

  • fixed base firstly
  • load the min split line set
  • buckle the line cover

line set cover kit

Line set cover kit series

We offer HVAC line set cover, you can choose models as your actual quantities required

  • HL75-8 series have 8 pieces of decorative covers packed
  • HL100-5 series have 5 pieces of decorative duct pipe packed
  • HL130-5 series have 5 pieces of line set covers attached

HL75-8 series of ac line set cover including 8 pieces component in one box and suitable for 9000-24000 BTU mini split air conditioner

line set cover kit


HL100-5 series of min split cover including 5 pcs components suitable for 24000BTU to 48000BTU split air conditioner system.

While you can find packing specification inside of box.

line set cover kit

HL130-5 series of line overs  including 5 pcs components suitable for 60000BTU above the split air conditioner.

Meanwhie you can choose your model as your actual needs while instsallation.

line set cover kit

DIY is moving, you are worthy of a neat and beautiful line air conditioner line cover for protecting your mini split line set together.

PS: How does the line set produce on our workshop?

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