Pre charged ac lines for DIY mini split

As a manufacturer of HVAC line sets, we focus on research innovation products in HVAC filed. For example precharged line set, you do not use vacuum equipment and DIY comes true with the quick connector.Apply for LG, Mitsubishi top brands.

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1/4"x3/8", 1/4"x1/2", 3/8"x5/8", 3/8"x3/4", 3/8"x7/8"

Gas Type

R410, R32, Other


10ft, 15ft, 25ft, 35ft, 50ft, Other



Heat Resistance

120 ° C

Pressure strength


Bursting Pressure



Do It Yourself

Products Details

We are a Professional manufacturer of Quick Connect Pre Charged ac Lines for 2-3 Ton  Split air conditioner.

What is a pre-charged ac Lins?

A professional technician needs specialized equipment and training to connect regular refrigerant lines.

you must properly measure, vacuum equipment, and charge the split system.

For precharged refrigerant lines, you don’t need any of that equipment and tools, we have Pre-charged line sets in advance.

Do it yourself with your mini split AC

Installation easily, two pieces end female connector welded attaching to lines

And two pieces male connector connecting to air-con indoor unit.

Anyway, two pieces separate male connector connecting to female connector

And another two pieces of the male connector connecting to the stop valve in the air-con outdoor unit.

installation kits


  • Series: HVAC line set
  • Mode: line sets for mini-split systems
  • Cooling Capacity :suitable 12BTU,18k BTU,24k BTU,
  • Connection Type: Quick connect
  • System Application Type: mini split air conditioner

Air conditioner line set is available in 15′, 25′, 35′, and 50′ length customized by your requirement.

1/4″+3/8″ 1/4″+1/2″ 1/4″+5/8″ 3/8″+5/8″
15FT-50FT 25FT-50FT 15FT-50FT Length Customize

Quick Connect

quick coupler

  • Simple to use Screw-on  Quick Connector
  • Line size refer size table sheet
  • NO vacuum pump needed
  • Quicker installation than conventional line set
  • Saving 7 installation steps 
Refrigerant lines Type
  • R410
  • R32
  • Other
Quality Warranty
  • Pressure strength:≥60Kfg/CM2
  • Bursting Pressure: ≥120Kfg/CM2
  • 100% No Leakage Risk
  • Pressure Maintaining time: 24 hours before delivery
  • Gas Sealing Test 3 times before delivery.
  1. DIY mini-split air conditioner come true with quick connect split line set
  2. No Vacuum your Refrigerant Line Set without any vacuum equipment
  3. Do not need professional technician which save a lot of labor cost

How is the difference from the mini-split line set with flare?

Mini-split ac lines with flare nuts, you need a vacuum pump to remove moisture and air

Pre-charged ac lines for DIY mini split ac without any vacuum pump and manifold sets.

PS: Please see our YouTube Video and find the secret of Pre-charged line set


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