Pre Charged Line Set for DIY mini split ac

Pre Charged Line Set are very convenient for DIY ductless mini-split air conditioner. Do-it-yourself! Everybody loves money, even me. That’s why I choose pre charged refrigerant lines used for mini-split installation. and we are supplier of Mr cool mini split air conditioner.

Additional information


1/4"x3/8", 1/4"x1/2", 3/8"x5/8", 3/8"x3/4", 3/8"x7/8"

Gas Type

R410, R32, Other



Heat Resistance

120 ° C


Do It Yourself


15ft, 25ft, 35ft, 50ft

Products Details

DIY Mini Split air conditioner without a vacuum pump while installing a ductless air conditioner.

What is a pre charged line set

We vacuum-insulated line set and sealed it and pre-charged with the appropriate refrigerant like R410a or R32 10-15g

so you do not need to measure, vacuum, and charge the min split system properly.

Do-it-yourself AC with quick connector

  • Four-piece female connectors
  • Four-piece male connectors
  • Two sets attaching to air-con indoor unit
  • Two sets attaching to air-con outdoor unit

which is very different with AC Line set with flare nuts, You can install mini-split without vacuum, so DO IT YOURSELF make sense and come true

pre charged line set



  • Series: DIY
  • Mode: HVAC line set
  • Cooling Capacity suitable 12k BTU,18k BTU
  • Line Set Connect Type: Quick connect
  • System Application Type: Ductless Mini Split Systems

Universal Quick Connect pre-charged line set is available in 15′, 25′, 35′, and 50′ length increments.

Size Efficiency Refrigerant Length
1/4″+3/8″ 9000-12000 BTU R410, R32 15ft-50ft
1/4″+1/2″ 12000-18000 BTU R410, R32 15ft-50ft
1/4″+5/8″ 24000 BTU R410, R32 15ft-50ft
3/8″+5/8″ 30000 BTU R410, R32 15ft-50ft
3/8″+3/4″ 36000 BTU R410, R32 15ft-50ft

Insulation pipe

PE insulation

  • 3 layer insulation cotton
  • Outside Layer: PE
  • Middel layer: XPE
  • Inside Layer: LDPE

Strong UV protective insulation sleeve provides extra protection against Sun Damage

Potection against Weather Erosion, Destruction from Animals or other Rodents.


  1. The easy-to-use HVAC line set greatly simplifies the installation process.
  2. This is essential to effective and efficient performance.
  3. Copper Line set requires no charging refrigerant in the field and no vacuuming
  4. No-vac precharged ac lines,100% are ready to go right out of the box.
  5. Screw-on Quick Connect valves that hook up snugly.
  6. The leak-proof ac line set is kink resistant to protect it during mini split installation.


7 years quality warranty for precharged line set as flexible refrigerant line sets of ductless min split air conditioner.

PS: What is different from Conventioanl Line Sets?

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