Refrigerant Line Set for Mr cool mini split

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As a manufacturer of precharged refrigerant line sets, DIY HVAC Line set comes true with a quick connect line set.DIY makes sense and saves a lot of money.

  • No Vacuum Needed
  • Pre-charged refrigerant already In Factory
  • Saving 7 Installation Steps

No brands limited about precharged line set install mini split air conditioner.

Additional information


1/4"x3/8", 1/4"x1/2", 3/8"x5/8", 3/8"x3/4", 3/8"x7/8"

Gas Type

R410, R32, Other



Heat Resistance

120 ° C

Pressure strength


Bursting Pressure



Do It Yourself

Products Details

We are the Supplier of the Mini-split line set used for the 1-3 Ton ductless Split System.

What is a No-vac air conditioner line set?

We have Pre-charged refrigerant line sets in advance in our factory production line. you do not need to use your own or installer vacuum pump engages to remove all air and moisture and releases refrigerant into the air conditioner lines.

Do it yourself with refrigerant lines

under necessary air conditioner installation equipment or tools, you do not need when you start with no vac precharged line set

  • Vacuum pump
  • Manifold set
  • Nitrogen gas
  • Even HVAC Tools like flaring and cutter

vacum pump

Above equipment, your installer should bring and you should ask your professional technicians to operate the installation.

When you start to use an air conditioner refrigerant line set, you can solve the above complex installation procedure, key important that you do not need a professional technician service people, you know labor will spend you a lot of money

Why not DIY air conditioner installation with below guidance chart

installation kits


  • Female quick coupler connecting Male quick coupler
  • Male quick coupler connecting stop valve outdoor unit
  • Male quick coupler connect aircon indoor unit
  • 4 sets quick coupler for 1 set mini-split line set
  • Easy installation without any vacuum pump
  • DIY arrives at your home.

precharged line set


  • Series: DIY
  • Mode: AC refrigerant line set
  • Cooling Capacity :suitable 12BTU,18k BTU,24k BTU, 36BTU
  • Connection Type: No vacuum quick connect
  • System Application Type: Ductless mini-split air conditioner

Length is available in 15′, 25′, 35′, and 50′ or customized by actual requirement.

Quality Warranty

  • Pressure strength:≥60Kfg/CM2
  • Bursting Pressure: ≥120Kfg/CM2
  • 100% No Leakage Risk
  • Pressure Maintaining time: 24 hours before delivery
  • Gas Sealing Test 3 times before delivery.

How does the normal AC installation kit work? pls, visit our blog to know more details.

PS: Why we should use a precharged Line set for your mini split air conditioner?

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